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Caviar PR25 Timber Adhesive 4 in 1 ($189/bucket inc. GST)

  • Rheologically optimised for exceptional consistency and easy trowelling.
  • Non-shrinking and non-slumping meaning trowel ridges hold firm.
  • Easy to clean of prefinished timber surfaces.
  • Has a rapid strength build up and short curing time.
  • Non-hazardous and low VOC and GBCA compliant.
  • Give as strong, elastic, and permanent bond to most wood flooring types.
  • Solvent and isocyanate free and is non-hazardous.
  • Has optimal acoustic control characteristics exceeding BCA requirements.

      Typical reading on a 200mm subfloor is 48-51 LnT,w. when applied with a 6mm V notch trowel.

  • Once cured provides a permanent moisture resistant film.


Caviar PR25 Timber Flooring Adhesive – Technical Data Sheet

Caviar PR25 Timber Flooring Adhesive Safety Data Sheet

Caviar PR25 Formaldehyde Test Report